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Shamanic Journey Meditation

Dive into the depths of your subconscious, release your spirit, and soar with the wisdom of the shamanic realms, all within this blissful free meditation.


The Modern Mystique

Oracle, Cosmic Bruja, Shadow Work,
Divine Feminine Alchemist

Disrupting the mindset that keeps womxn from their full creative expression.


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What I love most about Marlene is her ability to tap in and bring me peace. She simplifies and paints a clear picture of how to honor who I am & live in flow. She always encourages me to trust myself and share my gifts to the world because it’s needed. I greatly appreciate her peaceful, soulful energy that many times can be felt without saying a word. 


My transit reading with Marlene was spot on.  Her skills interpreting my natal chart and how the current transits are affecting me  was accurate.  She is so in tune with astrology and her guides act as the perfect mediator between me and the cosmos.  Often she reaffirms my own intuition, but I leave each and every session with clarity and a better understanding of myself; and my life situations.  I highly recommend scheduling a session with Marlene. It can be life-changing!


Marlene is a special Soul. I cannot recommend her enough. Whether it’s for tarot readings, annual readings or Drum Making Ceremonies - she creates a safe environment for magic to unfold. Her readings are always on target and any ceremony she holds is guaranteed to be profound. I am always grateful for my time with Marlene.

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