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Meet Marlene Menendez

I know what it’s like to walk through the fire. At the age of 29, I was a struggling single mother who had gotten so far from my true self and inner voice. I often felt as if I were on autopilot going through the motions of a safe routine filled with obligations. My life lacked creativity, playfulness and fulfillment.


Determined to step more fully into my purpose and creativity I left my job in health administration to open a massage center in Miami, Florida. While spirituality was always important to me, my goal-oriented personality was too concerned on external achievements to justify exploring the mystical world.


But as I embraced the spiritual and emotional parts of my being I began to explore healing modalities such as meditation, breathwork and reiki. Stepping into the truest version of myself required me to shed masks I was wearing and embrace the darker parts of myself with love.


What began as a step into the unknown, opened up a new path that led to shamanism. For four years I devoted myself to studying ancient healing traditions rooted in the earth and altered states of consciousness at the Lynn Andrew Center for Sacred Art and Training.


Alongside a sisterhood of brave women, I witnessed my own transformation as well as the women around me through reconnecting with nature, energy work, and experiencing the profound wisdom of Peruvian shamans in the Amazon.


As I began to embrace my feminine nature and the fullest expression of myself, I felt called to lead women through the process of learning to trust the call of the unknown.


If you have a desire to walk a deeper, truer path but don’t know where to start, I’m here to help you access spiritual tools that you can apply to daily life.


As a modern mystic, Chakra energy healer, Reiki master and  yoga instructor, I help women work through blocks so they can follow the desires their hearts long for.

My Strengths

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Divine Feminine

In modern society, the feminine energy gets trampled by our busy action-oriented mentalities.  We work hard and play hard but we lack the vulnerability to explore our inner quieter worlds where our authentic self resides.  My purpose is to raise the feminine consciousness to help balance our way of life. I do that by inspiring and educating awareness in the personal lives of others.

Shamanic Healing

As Shamans , we explore the deeper darker side of the self, the shadow.  By looking into that  place, we work on healing the fragmented pieces in one's spirit to overcome past traumas, emotional blocks, abuse,  grief or pain, to name a few.  I work with sacred tools like sound, smoke, herbs and art to tap into spaces of the human energy field and help stimulate the natural healing process of the body. 

Emotional Body

Our emotional state directly affects the mind and the body.  We are constantly bombarded by stressors that trigger our emotions about how we feel in our lives.  Many diseases are directly correlated to the state of our emotions.  By addressing the emotional body through energetic modalities, we can live happier and healthier lives.

Green Beauty

As part of our self care, a good diet and skincare routine are important.  I don't advocate for any particular way of eating, I try  to make clean, sound choices with the food I eat.  However I do advocate for greener beauty.  The skin is our largest organ and our body's line of defense.  Using cleaner products drastically reduces  our toxic chemical load. It's important that we as consumers  make wiser choices in the brands we support; for ourselves, our family and the environment.

Body Awareness

Having scoliosis and being a licensed bodyworker gives me a unique insight into the body.  I  often ignored my body.  I had an awful diet and rarely exercised. But, in my search for a better quality of life, I found yoga.  Through the practice I continue to heal my body and will soon have the honor to teach others how to do the same.

Energetic Anatomy

There is a life force that runs through all of us and serves as a battery of vitality.  Aside from the physical anatomy of a human, we also have an intricate network of energy that forms our energetic anatomy.  It is an increasingly popular field of study in alternative medicine.Using tools to manipulate the energy field helps with overall holistic wellness


Private Yoga
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