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Are you ready for change?

Hello, beautiful Mystics!

How our mind perceives time and space never ceases to bewilder me! Another lunar cycle shifts into illumination, and with that embodiment, we have much to contemplate, process, and alchemize!

This Taurus Full Moon and lunar eclipse will magnify the subconscious messages that have been bubbling to the surface. The collective spiritual community has undergone a potent transformation this year. We’ve adopted an unprecedented level of consciousness and are on the brink of activating our unique spiritual gifts in ways we’ve yet to.

I’m excited to talk more about what this means for you, so let’s dive right in!

♉️ Full moon in Taurus 11/8 6:02 AM EST 🌕


Feminine~ Venus~ Earth~ Fixed

Taurus is the bull, which to some, indicates aggression or volatility, but the general Taurus archetype is actually quite tender. Well known for their patient, grounded, and maternal disposition, they deeply appreciate the comforts of safety. They crave serenity and are experts at making their surroundings a sanctuary for pampering, pleasure, leisure, and sensuality. And, even though they are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and romance, the earth sign is confidently realistic, practical, and willing to work to maintain the plush amenities that make them feel good.

6 OF Pentacles

To receive is to give, and to give is to receive.

So often, during the peaks of the lunar cycles, we fixate on “the work” and not so much on the “play and pleasure.” This Taurus full moon and lunar eclipse, it’s crucial for you to realize that pleasure and play are ESSENTIAL AND REQUIRED for your journey here on earth. This is an ideal time for you to embody pleasure and play instinctually. There is powerful magic in your ability to cultivate wonder, laughter, and emotion. Allow yourself to indulge in the pleasures of your unique energy. When you give to yourself in this way, you create a positive ripple to everything around you.

Death is not the end.

The Death card is our current position along the Major Arcana Fool’s journey. I feel it’s important to ensure that you know that in Tarot, Death does not mean mortality. You do not need to fear this card! Death represents so much more than the end of material life. We can learn so much about our psyche and spirituality by embracing the spectrum of death through tarot rather than pushing it away. With every Full Moon, there is a strong resurgence of polarity, the reason that we’re able to see the moon fully illuminated is because the SUN shines its light upon it. Duality creates specificity.

This is the predominant message to remember as you harness the power of this full moon.

Rather than seeing duality as an antidote to the chaotic nature of the universe or to cope with things generally perceived as “bad,” challenge yourself to contemplate how polarity works in your favor, with the divine.

How could expanding your perception of death illuminate your life?

Every ending is also a beginning. Every no, is also a yes. Every goodbye is also an introduction. Every “problem” is, within itself, a SOLUTION.

✨ Invocation ritual🕯

🌚Drawing down the Taurus moon and Grounding the Energy. 🌝

This full moon in Taurus and Lunar eclipse will be a good time for a “low pressure” ritual. The intention should be to harness the frequency of the moon in a relaxed, calming, and grounding way. To help keep this an intuitive and fluid ritual, I’ll lay out a few steps as a guide and encourage you to take the pressure off and simply allow yourself to enjoy all the sensations of your ritual without any expectations!

Step 1: Cast a circle with crystals, candles, or imagery.

Step 2: Cleanse the space with smoke, crystals, or intention.

Step 3: Enter your circle with tools or offerings you enjoy using for meditation, divination, or magical work.

Step 4: Use sound to call in the energy of Mama Luna. You can use a rattle, a bell, chanting, or a song! Ask her to bring her illumination into your circle. Be patient in this part, meditate with the feeling of her light dripping in like gentle drops of rain.

Step 5: Sit with your favorite intuitive, magical, and artistic practices! Journaling, Readings, Reiki, Yoga, crystal work, song singing. Remember that the point of this ritual is to be light, playful, and pleasurable.

Step 6: Thank Mama Luna for her energy before closing your circle.

If you’re interested in a custom reading with me, don’t be shy! I’d be happy to start that conversation with you, and get clear about what will be most beneficial for you as you move through your spiritual journey!

With love,


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