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The Most Transformative Experience Yet!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Last year, I did a brave thing. I say this because it's the first time the Universe challenged me so strongly, I honestly did not know if what it showed me would work or if I was capable of doing it in the first place. It required blind faith. Have you ever had to completely believe in yourself not sure where it would lead? Well, as the signs and synchornicities got stronger, I worried about where to start and afraid to disappoint myself and others, when I received a call from a friend and trusted coach. She began to express where she was in her life. It was a strong call to dive into her spiritual life. It was demanding her attention and whatever it was felt bigger than her. My mouth drop! Here I was contemplating holding space for others in the exact way she was asking me to help her. The Universe spoke loudly that day. She was completely unaware of this of course but, her intuition led her to the right place. After being awe struck, I gathered myself and agreed to faithfully embark on a journey into love and power.

Without going into too much detail, this mystic began a year-long personal mentorship with me at the beginning of 2022. She took a courageous leap into the most intimate parts of her being. Through teachings, experiences, ceremonies and healing tools, her spirit began to unravel. The work gave her the confidence to know and act from a place she never imagined possible. This container let her safely heal her feminine side bringing her into more balance. By feminine side, I mean the part of us that needs to be chaotic, free and wild. The part of us that heals through nurturing, introspection, and rest. She let go enough to release ingrained programming that no longer served the person she was becoming. With joy and peace, she invited a new way of life. Her transformation was breathtaking!

Throughout the year, I sat witnessing her brave battle with her shadows, more than once. With grace, elegance, and trust, this mystic cracked her heart open and let her vulnerability lead with strength. I listened, I learned, I celebrated and I wept with her, holding space for her blossoming. It was inspirational to see her learn to look at herself as a limitless, energetic being who coordinates energy for the purposes of healing. She realized that she was never at the mercy of her experiences rather living from the driver’s seat of her life. She gained power; learning to create a healthy relationship with it by commiting to never use it for harm.

I am so proud of what she accomplished; of what we accomplished.

I am sure I've done big things in my life, but this felt huge! When she declared from her heart, “I can do it…”, she simultaneously gave me the knowledge that I can do it too. That I have the power to hold a container, with so much love, that others can lean into my medicine and heal. She heard the call of the Mystic and decided, in full faith, that I was the one to help her answer it.

I am forever grateful for the gift she gave me.

Now I sit with all of it in contemplation about what to do next. Will this be a direction I take to help others? Do others need this type of spiritual mentorship and training? Are others calling in power so they can access a masterful life?

What do you think? Are you hearing the call of the Mystic?

I'd love to hear your feedback!

with Love and Gratitude,



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