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Divine Feminine


In modern society, the feminine energy gets trampled by our busy action-oriented mentalities.  We work hard and play hard but we lack the vulnerability to explore our inner quieter worlds where our authentic self resides.  My purpose is to raise the feminine consciousness to help balance our way of life. I do that by inspiring and educating awareness in the personal lives of others.


Oracle & Cosmic Bruja


As Shamans, we explore the deeper darker side of the self, the shadow.  By looking into that  place, we work on healing the fragmented pieces in one's spirit to overcome past traumas, emotional blocks, abuse,  grief or pain, to name a few. I work with sacred tools like sound, smoke, herbs and art to tap into spaces of the human energy field and help stimulate the natural healing process of the body. 


Oracle, Shaman, Divine Feminine Alchemist

I’m Marlene Menendez, The Modern Mystique, an oracle, cosmic bruja, and Divine Feminine alchemist. My tools include Shamanic Healing, Chakras, Tarot, Astrology, and Yoga. 


Modern culture doesn’t hold space for women to explore their innate intuitive gifts. 

I’m passionate about disrupting that narrative and supporting womxn while navigating the depths of their spirituality and mysticism to live an embodied and liberated expression. 


It took years of walking through hell and back to get to where I am today. 


As a little girl, I was extremely in tune with my clairvoyance, but growing up in a Catholic school system didn’t leave space for my gifts to flourish. After years of being a stranger to myself, I developed a reckless relationship with partying, a lot.  But, on the flipside, this time of my life saved a piece of me that had been oppressed for years. I found freedom again, and traveled to many cities in the country to see some of the world’s best DJs and musicians, meet magnificent people, and indulge in experiences I’ll never forget. 


At 21 years old, I was working a corporate healthcare administration gig, , still numbing the void, but at that point, I knew something had to change. Energetic studies always came so naturally to me, so I decided to become a massage therapist. I began to see the world that I was born to thrive in. 


The birth of my son, Sebastian, was the catalyst for my next awakening. I was going to be a solid foundation for my son, and I knew that the relationship I was in couldn’t provide that. So, I left and dove into the next unknown. In 2004 at 29 years old, I moved back in with my mom in Miami, started rebuilding my massage clientele while working another corporate gig, and opened up a new path that led to shamanism. 


I opened and sold a massage therapy practice in Miami.  I competed in a 4-year apprenticeship at the Lynn Andrew Center for Sacred Art and Training, learning about ancient healing traditions rooted in the earth and altered states of consciousness. Participated in four Ayahuasca ceremonies with the Shipibo Tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, and completed my RYT-200 yoga certification with The Yoga School of Miami.


The support that I offer is rooted in feminine embodiment, energetic intelligence, physical and subtle somatic healing, integrated shadow work, and reclamation of your innate connection with source. 


The Mystic Path gave me an unshakable faith in my ability to always find myself again. And now, I get to see and feel the undeniable power of this alchemy every single day. If you’re on the path of mysticism too, NEVER stop believing in your magic, it is real and it is powerful.

Yoga Instructor

RYT 200 HR

Having scoliosis and being a licensed bodyworker gives me a unique insight into the body.  I  often ignored my body.  I had an awful diet and rarely exercised. But, in my search for a better quality of life, I found yoga.  Through the practice I continue to heal my body and will soon have the honor to teach others how to do the same.


Body Awareness


Our emotional state directly affects the mind and the body.  We are constantly bombarded by stressors that trigger our emotions about how we feel in our lives.  Many diseases are directly correlated to the state of our emotions.  By addressing the emotional body through energetic modalities, we can live happier and healthier lives.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the origins of Tarot?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.The origins of The Tarot are somewhat unclear, but we do know that the cards were first created in various parts of Europe in the 15th century. Tarot became popular amongst aristocrats as a powerful divination tool during the 17th century. Today, the most commonly used deck is the traditional Smith-Waite tarot deck.
  • How does Tarot really work?
    The most important things to know about how the tarot works are this: Tarot illuminates your subconscious and superconscious wisdom. It’s said that you don’t read the cards, but rather the cards read you. It’s a medium for accessing your innate wisdom in tangible form. A traditional Tarot deck is compiled of 78 cards, each of which represents a spiritual truth or life lesson. The cards are divided into groups called Arcana: 22 Major and 56 Minor. The major arcana represents “bigger picture” life events and demonstrates a profound message. The minor arcana represents the smaller day-to-day ups and downs of life. A spread is used to create a structure for interpreting the cards' archetypes and symbols. Your unique energy in collaboration with the card’s symbolism activates what’s most relevant for you to uncover. There are infinite ways to interpret the cards, but a classical understanding of the cards plays a vital role in nurturing your intuitive ability. A tarot reader interprets the messages from the cards in correspondence with the energy from your auric field.
  • Does Tarot interpret the future?
    NO. Tarot does not tell you the future. I would not recommend asking questions about the future as this can create misdirected self-fulfilling prophecies that limit your true potential. Tarot is an empowerment tool. It helps you tap into your innate guidance systems and connection with source. The power to choose how you respond and collaborate with the universe is always yours to hold. Tarot helps you call that power in by giving clarity about a situation. The clarity comes directly from your intuition and energy.
  • How do I prep for my tarot reading?
    Here are the two most important things for going into a reading: 1: YOUR ENERGY: Tarot is an energetic practice. Your frequency is directly affecting the reading. Prep your questions before your reading and make intentional space to get into your body, arrive in the present moment, and still the mind so that the intuition can show you what’s truly important. You should do this immediately before your reading as well. If your energy is vibrant and focused, you’ll get an accurate and authentic reading. 2: Cultivate intentional questions: If you’re curious about your love life, then really think about what information would be of service to you. Rather than asking, “when am I finally going to find love?” (This question alone gives your power away) Ask questions that will help you move towards what you desire, such as: “What actions can I take this week to start manifesting a partner who is compassionate, kind, and emotionally mature?” OR “What insights are most important on my journey to finding a conscious and committed partner?” If you need help with cultivating your questions or aligning your energy, reach out to your reader for help with these practices.
  • What types of questions can I ask?
    Intentionally cultivated questions are KEY. Read the “How do I prep for my reading” tab for more info about that. Regarding what you can ask about, pretty much anything you desire a deeper level of clarification. Family, business, work, relationships, money, travel, past lives, healing. Tarot is most profound for helping you gain clarity about things that logic alone cannot resolve.
  • What are the chakras?
    The human body is an energetic mechanism. Everything in the physical plane has a frequency, we’re constantly interacting with these frequencies. The chakras are the 7 energy centers of your physical body that intake, regulate, and transmute energy for the body to use.
  • What are the origins of the chakras?
    The chakra system was first documented in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the ancient text called The Vedas. Though, many believe that this ancient knowledge has been spread through oral traditions for much longer. The Vedas are the oldest of ancient Hindu scriptures, written in early Sanskrit, they contain hymns, philosophy, and guidance on rituals of Vedic religion.
  • How many chakras are there?
    The western world widely recognizes the 7 chakras that lie within the subtle body and reach from the tail bone up to the crown of the head. But, there are various theories and expressions of the chakras. Many modalities teach chakras that exist outside of the physical body, these chakras connect us with our ethereal body.
  • What does each of the 7 chakras represent?
    Root chakra- Our basic need for safety, home, family, prosperity-Red Sacral chakra- Our sensuality, creativity, fertility, and joy-. Orange Solar Plexus Chaka- Our willpower, confidence, courage, and Action- Yellow Heart Chakra- Love, compassion, empathy, healing-.Green Throat Chakra- Expression, authenticity, communication, and purpose- Blue Third eye Chakra-- Intuition, inner guidance systems, imagination, and clairvoyance-Purple Crown Chakra- Connection to the divine, unity, spirit, and inner peace-Indigo
  • What is an aura?
    Your aura is the external tone that your subtle body projects. Think of your subtle body like a radio, but instead of emitting music, it’s emitting your frequency. Your frequency is a specific wavelength of energy that changes based on your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical state. Your aura is the collective frequency of your subtle body that can be perceived by others.
  • How do I know if my chakras are imbalanced?
    When the chakras are balanced you feel aligned with your unique purpose, peaceful, and thriving. You’re aware and connected with yourself and the energy around you. Each chakra has unique traits that demonstrate an imbalance but generally speaking, adverse and rigid expressions, such as anger, anxiety, illness, egotism, vanity, lack of clarity, and nihilism indicate that there is an imbalance.
  • What is the practice of astrology?
    The simple answer to that question is: Astrology is a pseudoscience that observes the patterns of known celestial bodies and terrestrial events and how they impact the human experience.
  • Is astrology a science or an art?
    This is a complex question because the answer is both. Science supports many theories within astrology, but it doesn’t follow the strict map of the scientific method. Understanding the science of how astrology works can help you expand the way you relate to the information, but a deep appreciation for the origins and traditions of astrology and the ability to intuitively interpret the information is essential for developing a wholesome understanding of the practice.
  • How does astrology work?
    Astrology is a complex and immensely engaging practice. There isn’t a finite blueprint for “how astrology works.” That’s not to say that there isn’t science behind the way that astrology imprints our physiology and psychology, it means that there is A LOT more to astrology than the mere mechanics of it. With that being said, humans have been observing, tracking, and interpreting celestial bodies and events for centuries. Just like the moon has its impact on crops and tides, other celestial bodies have their earthly corespondents. Celestial bodies and events also give insight into the cycles and patterns of our universe.
  • Does astrology show me my future?
    Your future is 100% yours to create. Astrology will not show you your future. Astrology is an empowerment tool. We use it to interpret the universal patterns and cycles you were born into as a way of anticipating potential obstacles that may lie on your path.
  • I don’t resonate with my sign, and I don’t want to be put into a box. Won’t astrology limit me?"
    You are not just your sun sign, you have 12 planets in your natal chart each of which has its own sign. Each planet represents a different part of your cosmic makeup. You also have 12 houses that are ruled by one of the zodiac signs, these represent aspects of life. To fully understand and utilize astrology you need to look at your entire natal chart and how it works as a whole, not just one piece of the pie.
  • What is shadow work?
    Shadow work is an essential part of self-discovery and healing. Duality is expressed in all forms of earthy expression. Everything goes through the cycle of birth and death, day and night, seasons of change. Light does not exist without darkness and one is no better than the other. They are complementary expressions of the rhythm of the universe. The self-discovery process is beautiful, as we shed the layers that hold us back from our authentic selves, were able to share our light with the world, but in order for that expression to be truly authentic, we have to understand the parts of ourselves that still identify with past trauma. When we understand those parts of ourselves, we can integrate the lessons that allow us to heal, love, and accept ourselves on a deep level.
  • Why is shadow work important to me?
    Shadow work allows you to create an embodied and compassionate relationship with yourself. Most of us grow up in a culture that tells us the “right and acceptable” way to be, this process disconnects us from our inner guidance systems and soul’s purpose. Many of us also adopt habits that stem from places of anger, fear, and pain, those habits can stay with us our entire lives if we don’t confront and let them go. Shadow work is essential on a spiritual journey because it creates a safe and conscious space for us to work with these aspects of ourselves and create new habits that allow us to live from a place of expanding consciousness and inner peace.
  • What will doing shadow work change about me and my life?
    When you integrate the lessons and medicine that your shadows have to offer you, you’re able to create habits and mindsets that originate from a place of expanding consciousness and self-love. Integrating your shadows allows you to experience deeper levels of healing and inner peace, and conquer previous limiting beliefs that have kept you from living an authentic, joyful, and purposeful life.
  • I don’t have any darkness in me; why would I need shadow work?
    Every single one of us has shadows to work with. Having darkness is only problematic when we ignore it! You don’t need to feel shame for having darkness, and you don’t need to be afraid of uncovering it. Your darkness has many deep lessons and medicine to give you.



The Modern Mystique experience with Marlene is deep, profound and at the same time subtle and gentle. Shrouded with truths, AHA moments, eye opening release, with some much needed groundbreaking reality checks.  Her work has been like a much-needed breath of fresh air,  an intricate helpful hand on my journey to understand and embrace my own wholeness, purpose and powerful destined abilities.


Marlene never ceases to amaze me. Her knowledge and wisdom of Tarot & Astrology is remarkable. Her Spiritual guidance through her readings truly fill your soul. Whatever you seek to find or understand can become clearer through her guided hand.


Marlene is such a magical soul, her tarot readings have given me so much clarity about my life. I have experienced so much insight from her and her gift of reading the cards. Her drum making ceremony was so powerful. To build your own drum with intention and spirit, allows you to bring a little of her magic into your life. She has been a pillar of the Las Comadres community since the beginning providing insight, moon reports and guidance. All of the work I have done with her has been a powerful teacher and incredible advisor.

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