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Altars, Ceremonies, & Rituals Workshop
Altars, Ceremonies, & Rituals Workshop
Marlene Menendez

Altars, Ceremonies, & Rituals Workshop


Discovery Call

We start the discovery process with a conversation about why you’re drawn to energy healing and discuss any questions you have.  This allows us to explore what working together will feel like and allows me to tune into which healing modalities best align with your needs. 



Marlene’s readings are intuitive, deep and so clarifying but to me her magic is in what else she brings to her sessions. Marlene’s toolbox is deep and wide so she can offer so many solutions and tools to help you grow. From prayers to rituals and ceremonies she likely knows what can help you see through the fog and gain further clarity and healing.


Marlene has a depth and knowing that defies explanation. She sees so powerfully! If you have the opportunity to learn from her or participate in a ceremony she holds, be prepared for a transformative, unprecedented experience. She always keeps it real, balancing spiritual and shamanic wisdom with the practical reality of being a human.


Marlene is a masterful and grounded practitioner. In a world where many spiritual initiates are floating in the euphoria of spiritual breakthroughs, Marlene's connection to spirit keeps you grounded in the world we are in at the moment rather than disassociating from it.She is a clear and stable presence of spiritual knowledge that infuses childlike joy as well as surrender to everything she creates--- be it a reading, a class, or a personal chat. Whether you are a spiritual newbie or high priestess, she meets you where you are at to deliver the message that shifts you in the right direction.

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