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Mystic Update

Spiritual exploration is my favorite pass time. Diving deep into myself uncovers the mystery of who I am and how that translates out in the world.  Took time to get to this moment but I am here, with you, at my first blog post!

I am Marlene, the Modern Mystique (pronounced mis-tik). Im here to tell you that you are a Mystic too, if you choose to wake up to it.  If you are someone seeking spiritual meaning by navigating this modern world in hopes to find your unique connection to the Divine, then we have something in common! Many Mystics have,  and continue, to walk Mother Earth on a mission to raise her vibration. Essentially, she is our channel that connects  us to everything. Having decided to journey my-Self through contemplation and surrender, it's been an honor to learn the paths of  witchcraft, shamanism, yoga, alchemy and other magical arts from different lineages.  It's brought me great joy to experience to explore all of them. Some teachings stayed with me, others transformed but, in the end, they made me who I am.  I’ve learned that life is what we make it and we carry the choice inside of us.  

Blogging's been in my vison for quite some time. I am excited to have arrived at the confidence to voice my truth; and the realization that my truth should be heard.  Nothing thrills me more than to share it with you!  We are at a time in space, the ancient Mayan’s call it njat, when more than ever we need to move in the direction of our dreams and desires that align us with what makes us happiest.  There is a way; I continue to learn how to do it everyday!

That’s what I want for you!  A life of full creative expression.  So, if you feel that something is out there waiting for you…  If you feel that it’s time to heal trauma that gets in the way…  If  you’ve check all the boxes but you're still missing something  in your life; then you're Modern Mystic in the making…

Big Love 




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