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A Much Needed Breather

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Greetings Mystics!

I’d be lying if I said that the inevitable shift into autumn didn’t have me in my feelings! Don’t get me wrong. I love a cozy evening snuggled up with a warm bevy and fuzzy socks! But, I sure will miss the radiant energy that comes with summer.

This Pisces Full Moon is the great energy for welcoming this shift into autumn. I’m seeing an invitation to move inward and tend to our inner landscape with a balance of curation and curiosity. If you’re familiar with the Pisces frequency, then you already know that we are in an esoteric and emotionally rich experience. If Pisces energy is new to you, keep reading to understand how to work with this watery energy.

Who is the Pisces?

Neptune~ Water~ Mutable~ Feminine

The Pisces archetype is the Dreamer (Neptune rules dreams, mysticism, and illusion) They are a FEELER. Deeply connected with the emotional/ intuitive realm.

They are a bridge between worlds. Their inner dialogue is poetry.

They sustain a sense of wonder and optimism, which is why Pisceans tend to be artists and travelers.

Full Moon in Pisces was on 9/10 at 5:59 AM EST

Spiritual Intimacy is not an aesthetic

This Full Moon in Pisces is going to reveal the illusion of your own making.

We often create a system of dictatorship within ourselves. We reject, demonize and imprison the complex parts of our emotions and psyche to create the illusion that these parts of us aren’t real or that they don’t have an influence on us.

We obsess over things we can’t control, chase things that aren’t meant for us, and close our hearts and minds to new levels of intimacy to create “evidence” that backs up our limiting beliefs. We do this because it’s easier than feeling through the depth of our deep-seated fears, pain, and conditioning.

This Pisces Full Moon will ask you to move into deeper intimacy with yourself.

And it’s not a question of “will I feel resistance”

it’s “how can I make space in my heart and mind for the raw complexities of my inner universe? This level of spiritual intimacy is raw, visceral, intangible, sacred, infinite, and sounds intense, but it’s much simpler than you think.

The thing that you are fighting. Stop fighting it.

Stop fighting what you really feel.

Stop denying what you truly want.

Stop obsession over a timeline.

Stop creating “false evidence”

Stop overcomplicating it.

Page of Cups & 8 of Pentacles.

Virgo Sun/ Pisces Moon is a collab of curation and curiosity.

Virgo and Pisces are complementary when their polarities balance.

The imprinting energy of the Virgo sun aligns well with the reminder that the 8 of pentacles shows us.

You’ve been putting in the work to heal, grow and create the life you desire. You’ve built a sanctuary within yourself, so dive in! Don’t be afraid to worship at the altar of your own mysteries.

The Page of Cups is a good archetype to embody as you get more familiar with your inner sanctuary. Stay curious and optimistic. Get present with what’s in front of you. Invite your inner child to the table.

The Hermit & The Wheel of Fortune

All of the messages that are relevant to this Full Moon in Pisces support us as we move through this stage along The Fool’s Journey.

The Hermit highlights the importance of intention and graciousness for the inner landscape.

We’re being invited into our inner world in ways we haven’t before. We’re relishing in the abundance of our spiritual work and being presented with the choice to FURTHER expand into the unknown. Root into your unique essence, and remember that you’re looking for a deeper level of connection with parts of yourself that may feel new.

The Wheel of Fortune demonstrates an important reminder that change is coming, whether you accept the invitation to expand into the unknown, or not. You can trust this pace, you can pulse with the universe, you were literally made for this. Every moment of your life has brought you to this place, you’ve built so much, you’ve grown so much, it's time to trust who you are and act in alignment with the more conscious and diverse aspects of your body, soul and mind.

I LOVE sharing these little nuggets of wisdom with you all, thank you so much for showing up with intention and curiosity!

I hope that what you found here today helps you through this next phase of our earthly orbit.

If you’re interested in working more closely with your natal chart, chakras, or are curious about working with a guide for shadow work, don’t be shy!

Till we meet again, BIG HUGS



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